Rolex DAYTONA Self-Winding


Artikelnr. 0001

Uw levering wordt binnen 1 á 2 werkdagen bezorgd

Auteur: Franca en Guido Mondani

Taal: Engels, Italiaans

Bindwijze: Hardcover

Aantal pagina’s: 320

This new book is entirely dedicated to self-winding Rolex Daytona wristwatches: a complete and fundamental research, which has never been carried out in such detail. With 320 pages of completely unpublished contents, the authors begin their journey in the year 1988 with the reference 16520. For this model alone you will find 12 different dials, which are illustrated and described in every little detail. Special attention is paid to the differences between dials and bezels: these little characteristics have a major influence on the value of a watch. This most useful index of references will help you to easily find whatever watch you are looking for. The edition “Self-Winding Rolex Daytona” is accompanied by a booklet with updated valuations of all published watches, based on their condition.