3 year warranty on all watches - Reservation of watches is possible max 2 hours

Rolex trade-in warranty conditions

At Spiegelgracht Jewelers it is possible to exchange your ROLEX watch purchased from us for another watch after 5 years, for the purchase price listed on your purchase receipt minus the service fee.

This is how we make it possible for you to grow a step at a time in your watch collection, eventually arriving at your ultimate dream watch!

Below are the terms and conditions:

  • The ROLEX INRUIL GUARANTEE applies only to the ROLEX brand and can only be used after 5 years from purchase minus service charges. (500 euros)
  • The other watch must be at least 1/3 more expensive than the watch to be exchanged.
  • The purchase receipt of the watch to be exchanged is required so that we can verify your compliance.
  • You can trade in up to 1 Rolex watch for 1 "new" watch.
  • The Rolex watch you are trading in was purchased from Spiegelgracht Jewelers.
  • You watch must be in working and clean condition, where normal signs of use may be present. If your watch is in poor condition (e.g. has water damage, is missing parts, has stretched/worn band) we reserve the right to waive the trade-in.